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Round wire Z21 CuZn38Pb2 6.0mm R410ID464306000

Brass wire

Article identification
Article No. 464306000
Outside Diameter 6 mm
Tolerance +0.0 / -0.030 mm
Product Standard EN12166
Alloy Group Machining Brass
Alloy Wieland Z21
Alloy EN CuZn38Pb2
Material Grade CW608N
Standard EN12166
Product Round wire
Type of Coil bunch coil
Coil weight (approx.) 70 - 90kg
Inside Diameter 500 mm
Weight per meter (approx.) 0.24 kg/m
Mechanical properties
Temper R410, 1/2 hard
Product Standard EN12166


Wieland-Z21 is a machining brass which combines the contrasting material properties of machining and cold working exceptionally well. This material is therefore well established in various industries as the standard alloy for machining and cold working. It is available from stock in many dimensions.