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Round wire Z33 CuZn39Pb3 4.5mm R500ID464204500

Brass wire

Article identification
Article No. 464204500
Outside Diameter 4.5 mm
Tolerance +0.0 / -0.030 mm
Product Standard EN12166
Alloy Group Machining Brass
Alloy Wieland Z33
Alloy EN CuZn39Pb3
Material Grade CW614N
Standard EN12166
Product Round wire
Type of Coil bunch coil
Coil weight (approx.) 30 - 50kg
Inside Diameter 400 mm
Weight per meter (approx.) 0.135 kg/m
Mechanical properties
Temper R500
Product Standard EN12166


Wieland-Z32/Z33 are the standard materials for machining (machining index 100 %). They are therefore available from stock in a wide range of dimensions. These alloys are also particularly suitable for hot stamping when the forged parts are subsequently machined extensively. Wieland-Z32 is recommended for applications where cold working with little reduction such as knurling is used. The ductility of this material makes it particularly suitable for the manufacture of wires as well as rods and sections.